Maciej Astramowicz

Aleksandra Melska

Maciej's partner on stage is Aleksandra Melska, a student of University School of Physical Education in Wroclaw. A competitor of acrobatic club “Aurum” (trampoline jumping). She started performing in public at the age of 14. While collaborating with many groups well-known in Poland and abroad (i.a. in Abu Dhabi, Vienna or Berlin), she still develops her skills and experience.

Maciej Astramowicz - aerialist, personal coach and enthusiast of healthy lifestyle. Semi-finalist of Polish "Got Talent" Show season II and V (as a guest in season V finale). He got his experience co-operating with world-class coaches, directors and choreographers. He performed on stages both in Poland and abroad from Portugal and Spain, through Switzerland, England to the countries of the Middle East such as Qatar or Kuwait. His shows are incredibly unique, full of extreme flexibility, power and energy and provide the audience with unusual emotional feelings.

Gorgeous, emotional and passionate act of two artists wrapped in a silk band few meters above the ground.

Aerial Duo

Aerial Silk

Sky-high dance full of dynamic drops, flexibility and accuracy of moves. This will take you to a place where gravity does not work anymore.

Aerial Straps

Our dream of flying came true! High flights and incredible power presented in this show will make you thrilled!

Spanish Net

Speed, power and spinning high above in the air. This crazy show will take your breath away.



Maciej Astramowicz

Phone: +48 604 237 833 (Poland)


Skype:    skorpikk




“We have to support the beauty, because only a few create it but many need”

J. W. Goethe